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slow fashion but make it cool 

I'm Coline. I'm a fashion student, truly passionate about what I do.

I love to create and want to share my passion with you. 


But I want it to go along with my principles and values. That's why I'm into slow fashion. 

I myself don't own that much clothes, I'm very aware of my consumption. The fashion industry has a lot to deal with right now, and I'm part of the new generation of designers who want to make things right.

recycle as much fabric as I can, and I reduce drastically my carbon footprint by making the pieces at my studio.

Before knowing how to sew or draft a pattern, I couldn't find alternatives to fast fashion, a brand that would treat its workers fairly and thought about the future. And if I did, the clothes weren't my style or were very expensive.


That's why I launched ByColine. Finding statement pieces, as affordable as possible, without harming people or the planet. 

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